Using an NJ Process Server: When Local Is Good

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NJ process server

NJ process serverWhen using an NJ process server, making sure you’re using a process server that’s local to the area is essential.

Fast, efficient process is always the end goal of each and every service and a local process server makes sure you’re achieving just that.

Here’s how they do it:

Multiple Attempts

In a perfect world a process server would attempt the service, the individual would be home or the business open and service would be completed on the first attempt. Yet we all know that isn’t how things usually go.

With people working varying shifts, going on vacation or avoiding service, serving an individual could take multiple trips back to a location. What happens if the server lives an hour away from the address versus two towns over? Instead of an attempt almost daily, the attempts could be as a long as a week in between.

The difference in time costs law firms money and can mean filing delays (which could also make for some unhappy clients).

Knowledge of Area

Certain areas can be difficult to serve in. There are locations that are difficult to find, parts of cities which are less than safe than others or areas full of buildings or lots without numbers.

A process server who is familiar with a given area will be more likely to pick up on these pieces.

Odds are if that address is in a server’s regular area, they’ll be aware of these nuances in neighborhoods and locations.

Personal Touch

Knowing the neighborhood goes a long way. If an individual isn’t home or a business isn’t open a local process server will know who to reach out to get some more information.

Talking to the right neighbor can mean finding out the subject doesn’t come home until 8pm each night. Reaching out to other businesses in the near vicinity can reveal the company shut its doors three weeks ago.

Go Local

At DGR, all of our servers serve in the towns near where they live. With over 90 employees across the state this means each and every server knows their area inside and out.

What does that mean for you? It all comes down to faster, more efficient service. A win-win for both you and your clients.

If you’re looking for an NJ Process Server, give us a call!

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