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No Fee, No Serve Structure Gaining National Attention

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Last week we posted about the videos Serve-Now put up from the conference.  They devoted an article to their 7 Major Challenges Process Servers are Facing video and what came in at #6 but no serve, no fee structures.  As John Klein, a California process server who has written several books on process serving procedures, notes in a recent news article:

“Part of the problem, and I’m not saying that this justifies bad service, is that the business of process serving is to just send paper out with a server and see how cheap they can do it,” Klein said. “Some companies out there pay a flat rate to drive the cost down – they don’t pay for non-service or not-founds, and they are inducing people to fudge.” (Sacramento Bee)

We’ve written about this topic previously  but it’s important to note that this issue is now garnering significant attention.  The article John is quoted in is about another situation surrounding sewer service.  The company mentioned does not necessarily utilize this business model, but it goes to show that these issues are still arising. 

In order to eliminate this type of negative press we must get rid of anything that provides an incentive toward this type of service, especially with our national association and so many individuals working hard to show the quality of our industry.



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