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The Process Server Misconception

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The role of the process server in many movies and tv shows, particularly that of Byron on the show All Worked Up, has created a distorted public conception of the general every day services of process servers. While process serving certainly does have its high adrenaline moments and constant need for improvisation and quick thinking, the high drama stuff that television shows are made of is not the typical situation for the majority of services that comes through the door.

While many services are on a personal level, such as divorce or foreclosure paperwork, there are also a large number of papers which are served on registered agents of companies on a daily basis.  There are whole companies and offices set up specifically to receive incoming legal papers for a number of corporations.  Services of this kind tend to be more low key and generally follow the same procedure.

What about the divorce papers you ask?  These can come as a shock to some individuals and certainly contain a higher amount of emotion than serving upon a corporation.  The same with foreclosures.  As process servers we are not insensitive to this and handle this with the utmost professionalism possible.

This isn’t to say that some situations can’t get out of hand, but we work hard to diffuse potential problems as quickly as possible. There are times when the police need to be called or when dogs are set on servers or threats are made which is unfortunately all a part of the job but that isn’t the case for the majority of services.   The violence and altercations on All Worked Up shows process service in a light that simply isn’t true.

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