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Dangerous Services: When “Lightweight” Matters

By September 6, 2012 No Comments

Generally serving someone titled a “lightweight” wouldn’t cause a server to worry too much. That is unless lightweight is part of a title such as “reigning North American Boxing Federation lightweight” or “No. 1-ranked fighter among lightweights”, as was the case in our one of our recent services.

One of our servers was tasked with the job of serving this individual. While there was no history of violence (outside of the arena that is) thought of having to serve one of the best fighters in the world can be a little daunting. But serve him we did.

What has been your toughest or craziest serve to date? How do you prepare for what you anticipate being a difficult serve? Although we know the ones we’re warned about tend to be no problem, it’s the ones without the warning that can be trouble!

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