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Can You Serve Someone In Prison?

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serve someone in prisonCan you serve someone in prison? Many people think not, but the truth is you can absolutely serve a subject who is in prison.

There are pros and cons to serving a subject who incarcerated, but at the end of the day service can usually be effectuated.

Serving an individual in prison means we have an accurate address for them and they are going to be at that address for a determined amount of time.  This is a benefit in an industry where individuals can evade service by simply not returning home for a number of days, keeping an extremely irregular schedule or can be difficult to find due to frequent moves.

Despite being in prison however, an inmate can refuse to see a visitor. This means while a process server can go to a prison and attempt service, if the prisoner refuses to come meet an unknown visitor then service cannot be effectuated. In these cases alternate methods of services can usually be pursued but the courts will generally require an attempt at personal service prior to any alternate methods.

It’s also important for a process server must be aware of the rules of a particular prison and its warden, and the best ways to attempt service. Since the increase in security regulations in recent years in prisons, many facilities have changed their procedures and having a process server who is familiar with the procedures of different prisons can help facilitate completing service.

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