2017 Process Service Legislation

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2017 process service legislation

2017 process service legislationProcess service legislation in 2017 has a number of bills and proposed rule changes across the country just waiting to impact process servers.

Take a look at what’s currently on the table:

State: Michigan
Bill: HB 4294

Introduced:  September 9, 2015
Summary:  HB 4294 would permit additional fees on top of service rates being served out of any court in Michigan.

  • An order of eviction, ability to take property or goods, or a civil bench warrant – $39 + mileage
  • Notice of sale, subpoena, order to show cause, summons and complaint and affidavit and account – $25 + mileage
  • Any writ of garnishment – $22 + mileage
  • Getting and filing a bond – $19 + mileage
  • Service by mail – $12
  • Every wrong address – $15

Current Status: Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee 12-6-16
Link: HB4924

State: Florida
Rule: 48.092

Summary: 48.092 has been created for instruction on service of a financial institution.

  • Allows financial institutions to set sole central location or registered agent for service within the state. These locations must be open at minimum 9-5, M-F, excluding holidays.
  • If financial institutions don’t set a location or registered agent, service may be made upon any officer, director, or business agent at the principal place of business or any branch, office or place of business in Florida

Link: 48.092

State: Arizona
Bill: SB 1018

Introduced: January 9, 2017
Summary: Certified process servers added to Section 28-455 allowing them to now have access to vehicle records.
Current Status: Assigned to Senate Rules Committee 1-9-17
Link: SB1018

State: Ohio
Rule: 4.2

Summary:  Permits confidential service through the Secretary of State for certain persons. This allows victims of domestic violence and persons who may be at risk should their address be exposed to have their service accepted by the Secretary of State.
Link: 4.2

State: Ohio
Rule: 33, 34 & 36

Summary: Doesn’t allow service of discovery to be served along with the summons and complaint
Link: 33, 34 &36

District Court Fees Update: December 1, 2016

Summary: Most notable, attorney admissions to practice will raise to $231. Record searches will raise to $31.
For more info with a complete list of changes, click here.

Know of any other pending bills and legislation or rule changes that would impact the process service industry? Send them over and we’ll be sure to add them to the list!

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