Choosing An Experienced International Process Server

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When choosing an international process server, making sure they are experienced should be one of your top priorities. There are a number of ways to find an international process server, but there are also some questions you should ask to make sure the server can handle service properly. While Google can tell you which international process servers are in your area (chances are there aren’t many), it doesn’t always tell you how qualified they are.

Referrals are another common way people find out which international process server to use, but there is a chance the server your colleague used to effectuate service in India may not know how to properly handle service in Cambodia. Each country has specific rules and laws which must be followed in order to make sure the judgment is enforceable. Without knowing if the server has experience within the specific country you need service in, you run the risk of completing the case only to find out you can’t enforce the judgment. For you that means starting the case all over as well as losing out on all of the costs.

Here are some questions you should ask when looking for an international process server:

Are you familiar with the Hague Convention Treaty or Letters Rogatory process? Which one will be used to serve in this country?

Anyone who has served internationally is familiar with these types of ways to serve. If they have served in this country previously they will also know the best way to effectuate service there.

Will translation be required?

A good server will tell you right off the bat if something needs to be translated, but if not always ask. Some countries do not require translations while others with multiple national languages require them based on the region of the country you will be serving in.

What kind of turn-around time should I expect?

Serving through an agent is the best way service can be expected to take less than a month. If you find a server who tells you they can serve through Letters Rogatory in just a few days, you should look elsewhere! There is no way when serving through Letters Rogatory to bypass the necessary legal channels and procedures.

With over 34 years of experience, DGR has served hundreds and hundredsof cases around the world. From service in Russia to China to utilizing the Inter-American treaty, we’ve know how to handle service anywhere.

If you’re looking for an international process server, get in touch to see how we can help you.

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