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Robert Cifelli Celebrates 25 Years with DGR

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We’re excited to announce Robert Cifelli has officially been with DGR for TWENTY-FIVE years!

Over the past 25 years there’s been a lot of changes, in both the business and industry. But some things haven’t changed, like Bob’s commitment to DGR and his wealth of process service and messenger service knowledge.

Bob started with DGR back in our original office in Cedar Grove, moving with us to Caldwell then Morris Plains. In the earlier days Bob was one of 15-20 employees compared to today’s 85 employees. He initially started as a process server and handled deliveries, but as DGR grew Bob’s expertise became needed inside the office to manage these services. Ever since then Bob has overseen the litigation department and messenger department at DGR.

Changing Times

A lot has changed, especially in the messenger service industry. Back then you had to find a payphone once deliveries were complete to call the office to find out where your next assignment was. If there was an issue or the office needed to get in touch with you, the lack of today’s technology became even more time consuming. Your beeper would go off and you’d need to get off the highway to find a payphone to call them back.

On the process service side, Bob is surprised at some of the things that haven’t changed. For example, in New Jersey and some states you’re still unable to sub-serve a subpoena which can slow down the process.

The one constant change Bob has seen in both process service and messenger service is the increase in speed clients are looking for. Almost everything needs to be expedited and clients expect to stay updated throughout the process. Technology has made meeting these requests possible and Bob has seen DGR’s technology change over the years to stay in front of these changes.

Persistence Counts

The one thing Bob has tried to instill in every process server and messenger he works with is a simple motto: “Persistence counts”. Bob uses a story of a time he was out serving as the perfect example of why you should always keep trying.

Two times in a row he went to a residence and the man who answered claimed to not be the subject. On the third attempt, the man told Bob “You know what? I admire your persistence. The person you’re looking for is me. I’ll take the papers”.

Outside of DGR

Outside of DGR Bob enjoys playing baseball and has been playing his entire life.  Makes sense that he organized and participated in DGR’s baseball league! Playing as a kid, his league was comprised of teams with names mimicking the big leagues like the Mets and Yankees. Bob is very grateful to have played on the Yankees and to have become a lifelong fan, rather than the Dodgers.

Bob has two children, Samantha and Louis (who also works at DGR along with Bob’s brother, Ed). He and his wife, Leslie, married in 1988 and have been together for 30 years.

Congratulations to Bob on his work anniversary! We truly appreciate everything he brings to DGR and have greatly enjoyed the last two and half decades working with him. Looking forward to many more!

Celebrating Bob’s 25th Anniversary

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