When Lawyers and Judges Assault Process Servers

One of the top news stories this week in the process service industry is the case of the Texas judge who pulled a gun on a process server and later had him arrested on false charges.

For the number of individuals who are served on a yearly basis, those encounters with attorneys and judges which escalate to such extreme situations are rare but not unheard of.  Take a look at these cases over the past few years which have involved instances of accused or confirmed charges of assault by judges or attorneys:

Illinois state attorney commits aggravated assault against process server

Allen James was committed of aggravated assault against a process server who attempted to serve him a summons and was suspended from practicing law for four months.


Judge candidate accused of assaulting a process server

Michael Rowan, a candidate for Davidson County General Sessions judge, was accused of physically assaulting a court process server while being served a civil suit.


Santa Ana lawyer arrested for suspicion of assaulting process server

Ralph Gibson Pagter Jr., a Santa Ana lawyer, was arrested for trying to stab a process server who was serving him with civil court papers with a large hunting knife.



Know of any more cases involving lawyers or judges? Let us know below.

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